Tuesday, April 17, 2018

James Comey Has Denigrated Millions Who Voted For President Trump

Verified account @GOPChairwoman James Comey Has Denigrated The Millions Who Voted For President Trump:
James Comey feels really guilty. I think he's worried that he hurt Hillary Clinton and boy, does he want to make right with her camp again. I'm insulted by his comment to denigrate the millions of people who voted for President Trump and then to not recognize how well our country is doing under President Trump’s leadership. Unemployment at record low, our military is being funded, our veterans are taken care of. And then last weekend to see the decisive action he took in Syria, something that President Obama did not do when Bashar al-Assad used those chemical weapons. I mean this is a president who has reestablished us as a leader in the world. He is reversing our economic fortunes and creating a comeback for the American people and I think a lot of Americans are going to go back to the polls and revote for Donald Trump.