Thursday, March 15, 2018

Republicans IN Congress are to Blame for Republican Losses

For America

Rick Saccone’s loss, and any future Republican House losses, should be firmly blamed on the current GOP Congress and its unwillingness to change the status quo on Capitol Hill. There is precious little that differentiates a Republican in Congress from a Democrat in Congress.  One party spends like drunken sailors; refuses to support the President’s border wall; will not, under any circumstances, codify the President’s Executive Orders and rule-making into law; and supports endless taxpayer-funding of abortion, sanctuary cities, and insurance company bailouts. The other party is led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Whereas President Trump unapologetically fights on behalf of his base, the GOP Leadership’s instinct in every major inflection point, in every policy battle, is to give Democrats, “everything they want,” as Speaker Ryan proclaimed the GOP was doing during the budget negotiations this past winter. Whereas Trump relentlessly communicates his positions directly to the American people using the (free) social media tools at his disposal, the GOP Congressional campaign arms waste millions of dollars in ineffective, unpersuasive advertising that fails to mask Congress’s own lackluster performance. Read More