Friday, March 16, 2018

Rebuilding American Strength Four Ways

4 ways to rebuild American strength
As the Trump Administration rebuilds America’s strength and confidence at home, it is also restoring the Nation’s standing abroad. Four principles drive President Trump’s approach:
  • Fighting to rebuild our military: Last month, President Trump signed a two-year budget deal that raises the military’s budget caps for national defense to $700 billion for Fiscal Year 2018.
  • Putting America first in our strategy: The President’s national security strategy emphasizes protecting the homeland, promoting prosperity, preserving peace through strength, and advancing American influence.
  • Ending the threat of terror: Under the Trump Administration’s watch, ISIS has lost nearly 100 percent of its former caliphate.
  • Deterring threats to the American people: The President has rallied world powers in support of increasing economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea while taking aggressive action to confront threatening behavior from Iran.
  • Learn more about how America is confronting threats abroad like never before.