Wednesday, March 14, 2018

President Trump In San Diego Reviewing Border Wall Prototypes

San Diego on Tuesday to reviewed eight huge prototypes of the wall he’s proposing
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Finally!!!  Some tangible Wall progress!!!  Like this comment if you're a fellow Californian against Brown & for Trump!!!
From UK: Don't listen to the fake news...there's plenty of us over here that love the president! Build the wall, protect your people (all of them) and protect LEGAL aliens.
MAGA 2020
Thank God for My President....please help us in CA....the state Govt is so corrupt....send in the DOJ....
Prototypes are looking good. Hopefully Trump the Builder will give us the wall before 2020.
This CA taxpayer wants the wall, and I want to see the santuary city administrators, at least, locked up behind bars. Thank you, Mr. President.
Thank you President Trump! Build the wall! No wall, no DACA! Enough! America First! 🇺🇸❤🙏🏽👍🏽
Build the wall, clean house. No more filthy lawbreakers!
Thank you Mr. President for securing our border and helping everyone sleep a little better
Thank you President Trump!
Yay!!! Walls work. CHAZIII
The greatest president in the history of our country!
Name it KATE'S WALL !
Just realized this.. Secretary Nielsen is a MILF!
Good job Mr. President 🇺🇸👍🏻
I honestly think that if Donald Trump builds most of the wall before the end of his first term and don't let too many illegals stay, he would be the best president in history.

I believe in President Trump, G-d willing, the WALL will NOT be used to KEEP us in
Build that Wall, Mr. President!
People that don't believe in the wall should leave their doors and windows unlocked at night. When cancer effects the body you cut it out, not increase its progression!
A Great Wall as soon as possible! That’s not only the promise of the president, but it’s still the will of the People/Voters they want the country to be safer and easier for official members in controlling the borders. We are really proud of the job of our President Donald Trump. May God bless the president Donald Trump and USA!!!.
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