Sunday, March 25, 2018

Justin Amash: A Ominbus Bill Is Law A Budget Is Not

Justin Amash — US Representative for Michigan District 3

I keep seeing the same absurd claim going around on social media—that the omnibus is not so bad because it’s not a budget. This is totally backward. The omnibus is law; a budget is not. A bad budget is irresponsible but toothless. The omnibus (spending bill) does the real damage.
Another bogus claim is that this letter (…/text-letter-president-speaker…/) means the president can repurpose appropriations as he likes. It means no such thing. The omnibus lets him designate some global health activity spending as emergency, so it won’t count toward the spending cap. This letter does that. It has no magical power.
The omnibus is one of the worst—and most costly—pieces of legislation ever to become law. Period. That's why I voted no.
The only way to restore limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty is to stop falling for the lie. Partisan politics, misleading or emotional bill titles, and 4D chess theories are manifestations of the same lie—that the text of the Constitution, the text of legislation, and plain facts do not matter; what matters is what you want to believe. From this comes hypocrisy. And where hypocrisy thrives, virtue recedes. Without virtue, liberty dies.
Take a stand today. Be honest with yourself and with others. Don't let the lie consume you. We live in a great country with great people. We can choose to live together in liberty or instead live apart in captivity.