Friday, March 16, 2018

Enforcing the law—at the border and within

Enforcing the law—at the border and within
“California sanctuary policies put the entire Nation at risk,” President Donald J. Trump said while visiting the U.S.-Mexico border this week. “They’re the best friend of the criminal.”
Sanctuary city policies aren’t about protecting law-abiding immigrants. Rather, the term “sanctuary city” generally refers to localities that refuse to cooperate with lawful Federal immigration enforcement. When a suspected illegal alien is arrested on criminal charges, these jurisdictions will often release the suspect quickly before Federal officials can arrive.
After visiting Southern California to examine border wall prototypes this week, President Trump plans to host a roundtable with law enforcement officials to discuss the threat from these sanctuary cities. His goal is to ensure that Federal law is enforced both at the border and inside our Nation.
“I want to thank ICE and the Border Patrol agents for their incredible work and their incredible bravery,” the President said on Tuesday. “It’s a dangerous job. It’s a tough job.”
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