Thursday, February 15, 2018

Michele Reagan Arizona SOS Has 5 Challengers in Race for #2 Spot

Arizona SOS Now Has three Republicans and Two Democrats Vying for #2Spot
Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan's now has three Republican opponents vying for the second top spot in Arizona politics. Lori Klein Corbin, a Republican Party national committeewoman and former state senator; and Kevin Gibbons, a home loan officer. Businessman Steve Gaynor filed paperwork to run on Thursday February 8th. Two Democrats vying for their party's state Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs, D-Phoenix and attorney Mark Robert Gordon. 

Arizona's secretary of state is first in line to succeed the governor if he or she leaves office, as has happened several times in the state's history. 

Some Arizona voters have lost confidence in Secretary Reagan’s ability to manage and administer safe and secure elections after a couple of election fiascos.