Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Democrats: What do you stand for? Video

It is a conundrum becuase at the SOTU mean-faced Democrats stubbornly sitting as President Trump speaks about American freedom, standing for the national anthem, the motto "In God We Trust," and record low minority unemployment, among other things.

Some Comments:
Well edited. This shows the highlights of how it actually went down.....plain and simple.
We know what they stand for... Illegal Immigrants...
I am very interested in the stupid, childish, immature, pathetic excuses they will come up with for their infantile behavior. Folks, these are elected officials that are getting paid 6 and 7 figures.....and act like spoiled little kids on a playground. The kid that takes his ball and runs home crying because he lost, whining to mommy: this is how they conduct themselves. Then they get on CNN (Comedy News Network) and put the blame on everything and everyone else. They are corrupt trash and are only concerned about their own bank accounts
Think about it. The Democrat party members of our Congress, who hold the legislative power of our United States, and who are elected to represent our interests in government and defend our country, deliberately sat at mention of the national anthem just to make a point. Think about it. They hate the idea of anyone having choice in their healthcare, let alone veterans. That's why they sat for that. They hate black people. They pretend to like them, while exploiting them, which is something you do when you truly have contempt for someone and think they're beneath you. We conservatives and Republicans hope for the best for black people, don't pander to them, and try to set up a government that supports liberty and self-reliance, and expect black people to support themselves, like any able-bodied person. You can see; when President Trump announced that the collective wealth, skills, and capabilities of black Americans to take care of themselves is on the rise, the Democrats sat with grumpy faces. They made the same faces that slave-owners made when told their slaves were going to be set free. Because the situation is similar. They hate God and tax cuts, but we've always known that, because God means objective morals instead of demagoguery, and tax cuts means liberty, the antithesis of government power for its own sake.
We live in the Divided States of America. This is all the proof you need. Under the previous administration, there was at least some "across the isle" negotiation and compromise to move my  / our country forward. The "resist" movement is a National disgrace IMO.  If the Repub's would have done this while Obama was in office, they would have been labeled "racist" at best.

Fantastic ad!!!! Hopefully, it will wake some people up. It certainly shows how disgusting and unpatriotic the DemonRats are towards God, Country, and Veterans. I will at law enforcement, too, since they (Adam Schiff mostly) disgustingly puts the FBI and DOJ down claiming it's the other side. I wish they would leave this country since they hate it so much. They have the NERVE to state our country is the laughing stock of the world...sure we are because of stupid antics the Dems pull every......single......day.