Thursday, January 25, 2018

US President Trump Has Arrived in Davos First Presiden to Attend Since Clinton

  President Donald Trump has arrived to Switzerland to participate in the Davos economic conference 
  Members of his cabinet arrived in advance and joined in panels and interviews 
  He told reporters, 'We want great prosperity and we want great peace'
  He will push his 'America First' agenda and seek more fair, reciprocal trade between the US and its allies
  'America first is not America alone,' said White House senior economic adviser Gary Cohn
  Trump met British Prime Minister Theresa May after canceling a visit to the UK earlier this month
  The president and Prime Minster shook hands after reaffirming the 'Special Relationship' between the nations
  Trump said that he would 'fight' for Britain and said that any rumors of a fracture in relations were false 
  Met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who thanked Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as capital
  He will also attend a reception the White House has said will be held in his honor and meets with CEOs
  Trump, never invited as a businessman, will be the first president to attend Davos since Bill Clinton in 2000