Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Phony Government Shutdown Plus Calendar of Days in Session

The senate dog and pony show, The Roll Call calendar shows the days the senate was scheduled to be in session in 2018. Only Friday of the so called shutdown were they to be in session. The normally leave on Friday and return on Monday. Viola the shutdown was a put up job to show they may have worked over a weekend. Saturday and Sunday of the so called shutdown the government isn’t open. What's open and what's effected, Everything you need to know about a government shutdown. be
Both the House and Senate have released their chambers’ plans for gaveling in during 2018. Roll Call combined those schedules into the calendar below. Blue Senate in session, Yellow Congress in session.

The Senate will return for the second session of the 115th Congress on Wednesday, Jan. 3. The House updated its calendar on Friday, Dec. 22 to push back its arrival back in town from the Christmas break to Monday, Jan. 8. The House plans to be out of town for three full weeks ahead of Election Day on Nov. 6 (and four weeks total around the election), while the Senate plans to recess for two weeks around the midterm. 
The Senate is scheduled to be in session 54 more days than their colleagues across the Capitol Rotunda.
The Senate has scheduled seven fewer days of work in 2018 than it did the previous year. In contrast, the House has plans to work 24 fewer days than its 2017 schedule. It is common for the chambers to adjust their schedules during election years to provide time for campaigning.
First published on Roll Call

Andrew Menezes contributed to this report.