Wednesday, January 31, 2018

ICYMI:President Trump Delivers the State of the Union Address Video

President Trump Delivers the State of the Union Address
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Democrat's won't stand up for America or American's.. Vote Republican !!
8 hours ago
the dems are a disgrace...they showed tonight just how much they hate america and its legal citizens....
Great job tonight President Trump. May God continue to guide you and help you restore our great country. I pray your enemies nothing but confusion. God bless The USA! 🇺🇸🇮🇱
Trump, most of Brazil is by your side! :)
President Trump knows the first words of the constitution.. We the people.. Trump promises and delivers.. Thank you Mr. President!
Scott M
9 hours ago
We finally have a POTUS who believes in the American Dream! Keep up the great work, President Trump!
Not #1 trending. Good job, Google. The only video that matters. I love you, Mr. President! Congress belongs to us. Thank you for refueling the American energy! My family waited all day to watch this.
Mike H
8 hours ago
Well done Mr. President. Keep up the good work. You are correct. Americans are dreamers too. You brought American Heroes as special guest to your speech. The Democrats brought felons.