Sunday, January 21, 2018

Are You Seeing Unattended Bikes In Your Neighborhood? Here's The Story

I had been seeing a bunch of bright yellow/Lime Green bicycles parked everywhere in my neighborhood, this is why...When Lucy and I took our walk there was one parked across the street. Curiosity got the best of us, we went to check it out.
With station-free bike sharing, you can ride wherever you please. All you have to do is park your bike legally.
With ofo, you pick up a bike, get where you're going, and leave it there. No docking stations, no walking the rest of the way. Because that's what a bike share is supposed to be. Choose a better bike share grab a bike anywhere park a bike anywhere legal.
A company, OFO Bikes, just began a bike sharing program in Scottsdale. Unlike other programs, there are no stations or docking areas for these bikes. People just leave them laying everywhere, then someone else can pick it up, stick a credit card in, ride wherever they want and leave it there. Again, no controls.

I'm assuming you can ride as long as you want. 

If you park and get off you would then have to pay another fee?

On bike shows fee is a $1.00

Suggest go to their web site and get all the information you need.