Saturday, December 2, 2017

ABC NEWS: Made A Tiny Mistake When Reporting About Trump and Flynn

ABC: Our hugely damning report about Trump and Flynn earlier left out one detail. It didn't happen when he was a candidate. There was no collusion because Flynn met the Russian ambassador after the election.

ABC: Our Hugely Damning Report About Trump And Flynn Earlier Might Have Gotten One Tiny Detail Wrong

ABC News spokesperson tells me that “World News” will clarify that this should be president-elect Trump, not candidateTrump.

An ABC TV clip rocketed around the news world on Friday afternoon because of one word: “Candidate.” If Trump told Flynn to talk to Russia before the election, as a candidate, that’s a big deal.
Not necessarily criminal but possibly criminal. It could be evidence of collusion between the campaign and the Kremlin to defeat Hillary.
Or it could be evidence that Trump was working against Obama’s foreign policy as a private citizen, before he’d been elected to anything.
The Logan Act has never been used to prosecute someone successfully but if you’re desperate to make a case for it, a major-party candidate going behind the president’s back to negotiate with enemy regimes during an election, is potentially fertile ground.
But if Trump told Flynn to talk to Russia after the election, well, that’s no big deal.
No one’s going to jail over it. So the “when” is crucial. And yet ABC apparently botched the distinction when Brian Ross told their audience today that “candidate” Trump ordered Flynn to chat with Russia.
That suggested contact with Moscow was made before Americans voted, which would be the strongest evidence yet that Trump himself was interested in collusion, a revelation that might potentially imperil his presidency. The stock market plunged on news of it. Article first published on Hot Air      A list of Brian Ross mistakes is described in the article.