Tuesday, November 7, 2017

TO AMERICA’S VETERANS by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly
This article is not political in any way. It is a Veterans Day tribute to my brothers and sisters who have fought and often died for our country for over 240 years. Your bravery has occurred on American soil during the Revolution and the War of 1812 and on numerous foreign battlefields around the world. You always fought for the same thing, the oath you took to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.
It does not matter if you were drafted into service or volunteered; you chose not to run and hide, but to serve. You signed a blank check to your country and your fellow Americans to pledge everything up to and including your lives to protect their freedom. This makes you one of the true elites in America; you are the bravest of the brave.
You had no safe spaces where you could hide, and you didn’t ask for any. You did your duty and you did it proudly. You are a true American hero, and you must never forget that, and as veterans we must never let Americans forget us and our brothers and sisters at arms. We have sacrificed too much to let our country slip away into the darkness, and become anything less than the Constitutional Republic we all fought to defend.
My family members have served in every war America has fought from the Revolution to the current war on terror. Two of them were killed during the Civil War, one fighting for the north died at Vicksburg, while the other fighting for the south was killed at Gettysburg. I honor both of their memories. My father was in combat for 326 straight days during World War II, and I have two sons still serving today. I honor them and all who have served, and our family will keep their memory alive.
Many people in our nation have similar family histories and must keep their legacy alive for future generations so that they will learn the values that we were taught and pass them on so that America will survive. Happy Veterans Day!
Michael Connelly