Sunday, November 5, 2017

Songbird McCain: Colluding With The Enemy Since 1967 | Cernovich Media Video/Comments

Songbird McCain: Colluding With The Enemy Since 1967 | Cernovich Media Video
COMMENTS: What is being said about McCain
This insect is not worthy of the name he carries, his father and grandfather were great American patriots, he isn't. I remember when the North Vietnamese were going to release him from the Hanoi Hilton because his daddy was a active serving Admiral, and he was going to take it and leave the rest of his fellow POWS. But the senior US officer present among the POWS was having none of it and refused to let him accept since it is US military custom and practice that the senior POW present gets the first choice of accepting release or not. I also remember when he and John Frikking Kerry betrayed the remaining living and enslaved Vietnam war POWS by abandoning them to their fate so that they could start trade up again with now communist Vietnam. I remember it all. I could write a book about that vile insect and how it's always the season for treason with him. However truth is dead in today's 'merika and actual facts mean nothing to the sheepel and tools. But WE remember. "Never forget, NEVER!"
I used to call him a RINO republican.  Now I've come to the conclusion that in his brain-damaged frame of thinking that I will refer to him from now on as a TRANNY republican. After all, transgendered/trannies are suffering from defective thinking/mental disorders, right? So why can't the same logic be applied to a democrat that thinks he/she's a republican?
It is widely known and accepted that McCain is no hero or patriot. There has been testimony and evidence over the years to show that he has not deserved the privileged life that he has lived. I believe a typical citizen with the history that he has would have been ostracized from polite society a long time ago. So why do the people of Arizona love him enough to keep re-electing him?
John McCain: War Hero or Something Less? McCain’s own tale of his torture and the confession he recorded for the North Vietnamese comes largely from his book Faith of My Fathers, in which he describes his shame at cooperating with the enemy. But some of McCain’s fellow prisoners, who were tortured and did not collaborate, have challenged his narrative,
Once SCUM ALWAYS Scum. He was scum in Nam and he is the scum on the SWAMP of DC. I am quite sure if everybody had a daddy who was a General we all would live high off the hog. He sold America out as the Vietnam version of "Tokyo Rose". FACT!!! Do you know how he got shot down? Specifically going against orders and hot dogging his bombing path. He went back to see the damage he inflicted. When are you most vulnerable? When they know you are coming. He did it a few times and they were ready for him. He started bleeding his hear out to the enemy within hours of being captured. He is NO HERO but a collaborating coward. Now you know why I expect to see Bowe Bergdahl running for president in 25 years. Drain the goddamned SWAMP!!