Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bottle Neck “The part of Uranium One Missing” The Blogger affect! by Ellis Baxter

Ellis Baxter
We, the People live in a world where we are confronted by Fake News, Disinformation, Misinformation, outright lies, and only from some sources: the Truth! Never has this been truer in regards to Russia, Collusion, Uranium One, the Clintons, and my claim that there is vital missing information. First, It is my proffer that the Clintons [Bill and Hillary] are grifters, cheats, liars and that they comprise a ‘Crime Family’ or Syndicate! There is a case to be made of the Clinton Corruption, but I do not have space here. So, I will contain a few outline points first: the Russian collusion: there is not a scintilla of admissible evidence that Russia did anything re the DNC!  This has been my proffer for almost a year and has been confirmed by the ‘Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity’ / Report.  

Second: ‘Trump Campaign Collusion’ when after a year there is no evidence of this, for the good of the Republic the Democrats should admit that they were wrong and allow the duly elected President Trump to do his job and stop the obstruction! This is not the history of this Republic and it must stop.  

Last: Uranium One; we know that Bill Clinton from 2005 worked hard to obtain for his friend Frank Giustra a huge mining concession in Kazakhstan! That Bill has grossly misrepresented his reason for being in Kazakhstan with Giustra is clear that Senator and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton used her office to pay US Taxpayer funds to Kazakhstan, that she used that office to obtain for Giustra the approvals for the mergers that allowed him to profit a fat $2.6 Billion in 2009! The total contributions for this sale by Giustra and his investors was about $145 million to the foundation. This was done before the sale of all of Uranium One to Russian State-owned Rosatom! 

Missing: First, the sale of the shares of Uranium One was the approved by: ‘Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’. While the Department of State [1 of 9 members] did approve the transfer, the committee does not record the reasons for or whom [of the nine] approved this transfer. Only the president has the power to approve or not. The $145 million was transferred prior to this part of the deal with $131.3 coming from Giustra as an individual! That does not mean that it was not pay to play as Giustra had received a profit of $2.6 Billion! Think of what Sean Hannity has said about all of this when if he had done a bit of research he would have known the reality. This is common. Wild poor-researched investigation of the Clintons sets up a means to prove clearance that they did not do what they were charged with; then they walk. 

The real story of what is the point of all of this is much deeper. Think of these points. 

1. The Environmental Mafia [EM] preaches “Man Made Climate Change” with zero evidence of same affect. They also fight Nuclear Energy. President Obama, working his funding from the EM, wants Nuclear Power Plants stopped. Uranium Ore prices tumble. 

2. Vladimir Putin sees the Climate Change driving the world away from Coal [lowest cost production fuel for power plants] and with 1500 Nuclear Power Plants in the many stages of production Russia starts buying up Uranium Mining companies. The goal is not to limit the ability of the US to obtain the necessary Uranium for weapons as that is not possible under US law. The goal is to be the strongest builder of Nuclear Power Plants and with the lock on Uranium Ore that makes it easy to accomplish this task. Clue: it is about the money! 

3. Russia holds an interest in mining companies worldwide and in 8 of the top 10 worldwide ore producing countries! Kazakhstan is the #1 and that was a part of Uranium One. 

4. When Blogger/Researcher Barbara Espinosa found the shipping license for the only US Commercial producer of the last line of production just prior to enrichment of Uranium, she sent this to information to me for additional research of the company Converdyn in Colorado. The results were that they are the only US commercial producer of this production stage of Uranium ie. Hexafluoride U6 and that 100% of its yearly production is being shipped to Russia! 

5. This is the lock if a power plant in the USA needs uranium, the ‘Bottle Neck’ bites them! Russia Again! 

Missing the NAFTA reason. 

I can not overstate the lesson in this next phase of the matter at hand. First, the research I did on this at the time was that the President nor the Sec. of State had the choice of approval or not of the merger! The United States has a treaty that you know as NAFTA. The interesting part is that under NAFTA ‘Chapter 11,’ it would be a violation of that treaty to not allow the transaction of the merger to occur! 

Things are bad as that is the case. However, that is not the real issue here. America has many Bloggers; however, few are more American than Barbara Espinosa and she your host here! In a post on her America Freedom Blog, she posted the arrangements for transport of Processed Uranium [Hexafluoride U6] to Russia! This has not been covered in any media! This proved that processed Uranium [not just ore] was being transported to Russia. The shipping address was from an LEU or HEU processor. 

However, we did not let this go. It turned out that we also found that First stage processed ore was also being shipped to Russia; this is the so-called Yellow Cake Uranium. So mined ore and Hexafluoride U6 was being shipped to Russia! The point is that the Hexafluoride producer Converdyn is shipping 100% of its annual production to Russia! And under NAFTA our country has little choice. Converdyn Is the only commercial plant of its kind in the USA. As this, all goes through Canada NAFTA is the cover. All Weapon grade Uranium, Plutonium, and Mox are processed in Huntsville and Oak Ridge Tennessee by the US government.   

Now let’s sum up: What do I think is the end game here? There are some 1500 nuclear power plants on the drawing boards in one stage or the other. Vladimir Putin understands that the USA is not building Nuclear Power plants. And that the rest of the world is. Outside of the USA, no thinking scientist believes the Global warming theory. As there is no admissible evidence of such. All the evidence points to the sun controlling the Earth’s climate! So, understanding that, the rest of the world will build 1500 nuclear power plants near-term and Russian Oligarchs will profit.                                                                           

The facts were there for a long time since 2005 to be exact. William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, at the time retired was in Africa to aid poor African countries in obtaining low-cost HIV/AIDs medicine. This was a part of the Clinton Global Initiative a subset of Clinton Foundation. The trip was to Kazakhstan, a country with almost no HIV/AIDs problem. The trip was made on the private jet belonging to the former president’s travelling companion Canadian Frank Giustra. Giustra was a long time associate of the former president since 1986. This trip was for Giustra a shot at acquiring mining concessions in Kazakhstan from the government there. That was accomplished, and Giustra, a partner in the ‘Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative’! Bill Clinton when to bat for the president of Kazakhstan with the UN to aid him in the nomination to the Human Rights Committee. Even though Kazakhstan had a very poor record on Human Rights. The nomination was approved! 

Blogger affect: 

The information in this essay has been derived by and from Bloggers! The news media as of this morning does not have much of the meat of this. The NAFTA limitation is a huge surprise to most. How do a group of independent bloggers pull so far out front of the pack? Why does the Talk Radio and TV spewing heads not know these facts? It is my proffer that you will find more information from the bloggers than the MSM. 

I leave that for you to answer. 
Bloggers involved in this effort: 
Barbara Espinosa [American freedom by Barbara Blogger]
Andrea Shea-King [Radio Patriot] 
George Webb [Amazing Reporter at large]
Ellis Baxter [Ellis Economics / UFO Squared]