Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How NFL Fleeces The American Taxpayer
Last year was a busy one for public giveaways to the National Football League. ... They will make a token annual payment of $13 million to use the stadium, ... In California, the City of Santa Clara broke ground on a $1.3 billion stadium for the ...
The National Football League is now plunged into politics as players throughout the sport kneel for the national anthem and President Donald Trump continues to rebuke them publicly.
Undoubtedly, the situation has left many fans and non-fans of the league conflicted or angry.
This fiasco may, however, open the eyes of the public to a serious and generally unchecked issue: billionaire NFL owners sponging enormous amounts of money from taxpayers through crony capitalist schemes.
The fact is that a business that raked in $14 billion in revenue in 2016 is heavily subsidized by local, state, and federal money based on dubious claims about stimulating the economy.
Mar 28, 2017 - As a result we may have higher prices however the stadium is paid for .... NFL sets aside1 billion a year and gets in the business of building ...
Mar 31, 2016 - The Falcons' $1.4 billion stadium has cost the public close to $600 million ... Zygi Wilf, who in 2013 was ordered by a New Jersey judge to pay $84 million for ... to be one of the most-watched for non-sporting reasons in years

2 days ago - Stuart Varney: There's $1.1 billion in direct subsidies from taxpayers to ... in revenues got to have taxpayers pay for their production facilities? ... They play eight regular season games in stadiums for about 20 years and then ...
Both parties have supported massive redistribution of taxes from working people to the NFL’s spoiled 1-percenters