Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ghost Gaming PUBG Announcement Of My Grandson Signing With PUBG

Gavin Lawrence My Grandson (DeFine Legit)
It gives me the utmost pleasure to make this announcement...Please take the time to read this if you have any interest in what I do...…/ghost-gaming-pubg-announcement-99a5bee…Proud to be a Professional PUBG player for Ghost Gaming!
Ghost Gaming is thrilled to announce our expansion into PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds. 
PUBG has exploded on to the scene and demanded attention as an up and coming esport. The game is consistently among the most viewed games on Twitchbeating out League of Legends in August and recently breaking Dota 2’s highest concurrent player record by hitting 1.3 million concurrent players. With this, we are delighted to introduce the newest additions to Ghost GamingMagno Pr0phie Ramos, Mitchel Wizwiki Lopes, Gavin “Definelegit” Lawrence, and Kevin “Miccoy” Linn. Ghost sought out some of the most talented players in North America. With Definelegit, Miccoy and Pr0phie having all held rank 1 in the North American ladders this goal has been met.
“I believe PUBG will become one of the premier esports titles within a year. We believe in these guys, having heavily scouted the competitive PUBG scene over the past 3 months, we are confident this team will shake up competitive PUBG and I cannot wait to see them represent Ghost. We wanted to be a part of PUBG’s growth as an esport and I think we have found one of the most talented rosters in Pr0phie, Miccoy, Definelegit and Wizwiki.”Matt Dillon, CEO, Ghost Gaming.
“Playing for an org like Ghost is like playing for Optic before Optic made their name. This opportunity is life altering and to be joining Ghost Gaming is a true honor, I’m extremely optimistic and excited for the future.” -Definelegit
“A lot of people may not believe in ghosts but I always have. I’m grateful Ghost Gaming believed in us to represent them and this is my opportunity to dominate the growing PUBG scene and make everyone else believe in Ghost as well.” -Wizwiki
“I’m very excited to be playing for Ghost Gaming, they have been very kind and the CEO Matt has been extremely welcoming to us. I’m very happy to have this opportunity come my way, and i’ll do my best to represent the org.” -Pr0phie
“I’m extremely excited to be playing for Ghost Gaming. Ghost’s other teams dominate the games they currently play and it’s our turn to prevail in the PUBG scene against all other teams.” -Miccoy
PUBG is Ghost Gaming’s 5th esports title; Ghost also competes in Call of Duty, Rocket League, Gears of War and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.