Monday, September 4, 2017

Democrat Bob Menendez Goes on Trail For Corruption

On September 6th, New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez goes on trial for alleged corruption dating back more than a decade.  Prosecutors say Menendez abused his office and accepted bribes from a major Democratic donor -- a major Democratic donor, mind you, who was convicted on dozens of charges related to of a massive Medicare fraud scheme in April and is facing a lengthy prison sentence.  Now, accountability may soon arrive for his powerful alleged partner in crime.  Details from Politico:
 Donations and favors flowed to the Senator from the doctor, and in return, the allegedly Senator sought to help the doctor avoid deserved scrutiny for an elaborate and lucrative project of Medicare fraud -- in addition to sundry other favors, such as securing visas for the doctor's overseas mistresses.  Menendez's attorneys argue that the prosecution, initiated during the Obama administration, is political payback for the New Jerseyan bucking the former president on foreign policy issues such as the Iran nuclear deal and Obama's rapprochement with the Castro regime in Havana.  Nonsense, say prosecutors:

 "This case is about serious questions of fact and law related to the corruption of one of the highest elected offices in the United States government. It is not about anonymous tips, Cuba, Iran, party politics, or the political consequences of a conviction."  Speaking of those "political consequences," two points: First, the Justice Department says that former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid also lobbied on Melgen's behalf, highlighting the political and financial ties between the Nevadan and the convicted felon.  Reid has declined to comment.  
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