Sunday, September 24, 2017

AZ Senator John McCain Is A Bald Face Liar on Repealing Obamacare Video

FLASHBACK: RINO John McCain Campaigns on Repealing Obamacare
WATCH McCain Lie
Every time he opens his mouth he says "bipartisan", "bipartisan", "bipartisan". If that is what he wants to be then he should run as an Independent. Not as a Republican. Let a true Republican run for Senate in the state of Arizona. The RNC should permanently kick this guy out of the Republican party.
Chris Cross1
McCain is a Manchurian candidate. He's a puppet for the Democratic Party and special interests. He's a mole and his sole purpose is to harm conservatism on behalf of his masters. He's a traitor and a saboteur.
He is a monster. Played the war hero card too long and now he's using his cancer as an excuse
John is nothing more than a bitter, vindictive contrarian who fails to represent conservative policy or sentiment. This is all about Trump (id est, McCain) in McCain's increasingly narrow ability to find composure and sensibility toward a healthcare policy that actually works for most Americans and reduces costs.
John McCain has been lying for years to get elected and reelected. I remember him flip flopping on immigration to win reelection, than flip flop again on the same issue right after the election was over. This guy has been lying for as long as he is old, but Arizonians keep electing him.
He should resign from office or switch over to the Democrat party.
As corrupt, addled and diseased old coot to ever hold federal office. The POW-Hero account was overdrawn decades ago.
This satanic faggot is seconds away from burning in eternal hellfire
Does not give me much faith with the people in Arizona if they keep voting for McShame. He is such a liar and a disgrace.