Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Meaningless Majorities by Senate Conservatives Fund

Meaningless Majorities
AUGUST 30, 2017
Establishment Republicans always promise to fight for conservative policies in the future, but when that day comes they make excuses and repeat the empty promise to fight another day.
A friend recently simplified the establishment’s plug-and-play message that they use in almost every debate. It goes like this:
“If only we had [more power], things would be great. We need to just get past [current fight] and focus on [future election] so we can have [new higher electoral number] and then we will be able to [win policy we are not currently fighting for].”
How many times have we heard this different version of this excuse? Too many to count.
As we watch in utter disbelief as establishment Republicans squander a once in a lifetime opportunity to enact conservative policies, it’s important to remember why it’s so important to elect conservatives who believe in our principles and will fight for them.
The lie that the GOP establishment has told voters – that they will advance a conservative agenda if they win the next election – is a complete joke. After eight months of controlling everything in Washington, they have no legislative accomplishments.
Majorities in Congress are meaningless if they fail to keep their promises and fail to produce real policy results.
It’s why our founder, Senator Jim DeMint, once famously said that he would rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who believe in our principles than 60 Republicans who don’t. You see, we can fill the Senate with 60 or even 70 Republicans, but if they are all closet liberals nothing good will be achieved.
So when the GOP establishment tells us we can only achieve policy goals if we settle for more pro-establishment Republicans, do not be fooled. It’s a flat out lie.
We must remain focused on electing true conservatives who can be counted on to fight for our principles and values, especially when it’s hard. That is the only way to achieve our policy goals and advance the first principles upon which this country was founded.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom and for doing so much to help us promote conservative leadership in Washington.