Tuesday, August 15, 2017

JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock Moves Closer to Midnight

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JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock
Moves Closer to Midnight

“Trump Sleep,” Bloomberg Cash,
Spell Trouble for Gun Ownership

The symbolic Gun-Confiscation Alarm Clock, which tracks the overall threat to America’s right to keep and bear arms, has inched closer to midnight.

Maintained by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, they see heavily funded state efforts to curtail the right to arms by former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg having a dangerous effect. Coupled with a false sense of security gun-rights advocates feel after electing loudly pro-Second Amendment president Donald Trump, increases the actual threat.

Two strong pro-gun-rights bills introduced immediately after Trump’s election have stalled. With Trump under withering attacks by democrats, a compromised media, constant fake news and a distracted Congress, any chances for advances there seem remote. The bills would relax sale of hearing-protection gun “mufflers,” and would make firearm carry licenses valid nationwide, a dearly sought goal of the firearms community.

Presently, so-called “right-to-carry” licenses terminate at state lines. Bloomberg’s millions have created multiple new anti-gun-rights state clubs pressing for repeal of existing civil-rights protections. New bills they’re promoting, which pro-rights proponents say infringe on the Bill of Rights, include national registration of gun owners and their gear, misleadingly labeled loophole or background bills, with no impact on crime. “When you actually read the bills Bloomberg and his paid allies propose, you find gun-owner registration schemes, regardless of what the media calls them,” says Boyd Kneeland, a spokesperson for the group.

 Alan Korwin, a nationally recognized expert on gun laws and consultant to JPFO concurs, noting, “The last bill, Manchin-Toomey, authorized national registration and would have made felons of anyone who handed a gun to a friend, but this went unreported in the frenzy to push it into law.” With Bloomberg’s money, a cadre of misinformed moms fearfully marching in lock step, and rights advocates lulled into complacency, the threat to gun rights is greater than most people recognize, Korwin says. A one-minute shift in the clock’s hands may be too modest, he believes. JPFO’s Bill of Rights Sentinel newsletter comes out this month.