Friday, August 4, 2017

Double Raibow Over Trump's Whitehouse on Aug 3 2017: What Does It Mean?

A double rainbow appeared above the White House in the waning hours of Thursday afternoon.The meaning of a double rainbow is that whatever is coming to you is great and one good thing will lead to another. In other words, you are blessed.
Images of the post-thunderstorm spectacle were posted to social media.

What do the colors of the rainbow mean?
RED is the first color and represents passion and energy. It is the color with the longest wavelength. ORANGE comes second, representing wisdom.
YELLOW, which represents thought and decision making.
GREEN comes after, the 4th and middle color, and as such represents harmony, balance, good health and growth.
BLUE, the color of divinity, a soothing and relaxing color.
INDIGO is next, which represents infinity.

 VIOLET, the 7th color. It is the beginning and end, representing a closed circle. The second rainbow has the exact opposite order of colors!