Thursday, June 1, 2017

Unbelievable, Republicans still attacking citizen initiative process

Phoenix AZ- After spending this legislative session orchestrating systematic attacks on the citizen initiative process, that was dubbed "Operation Silence our Citizens," Republicans are digging in for another battle with Arizona voters.

Since the governor signed controversial bills that create more obstacles for the citizen initiative process, Arizonans formed a committee called the Voters of Arizona. This group is collecting signatures for a referendum on these laws. Opponents also filed a lawsuit to prevent HB 2244, a law that will make it easier to get citizen initiatives thrown out, from going into effect this summer.

That apparently didn't sit well with some of the Republicans at the Legislature, who are using taxpayer money to hire a law firm to try to halt the legal challenge.  An Arizona Republic columnist pointed out the irony of this maneuver recently:

House Democrats support the citizen initiative process because it empowers Arizonans to take action when the Legislature is unresponsive or oppressive. It’s a constitutional right that we will continue to fight to protect. We'll keep standing with you and against any attacks on our citizen initiative process.