Sunday, June 18, 2017

Truth About the Swamp, or Drain Baby Drain! by Ellis Baxter

Ellis Baxter 
In 1776, famously replying to Mrs. Powell’s question: “Mr. Franklin; What kind of government have you given us?” Franklin said: “A Republic if you can keep it.”  Today, the question is: Can we keep it?
     In 2016, Democrats and the D.C. establishment are stunned; Donald John Trump was elected president by a majority of the people in a majority of the states who charged the new president to “drain the government swamp in D.C.”  Within days of victory, the attacks started Russia collusion, leaked emails, FBI investigation, misogyny, the Media, racists, White Nationals, and the awful basket of deplorables plus the ‘Content Farms’ in Macedona were blamed.
     NO president has had such vile attacks. And now comes the Special Prosecutor. Praise from every side of the establishment. STOP. That was the same line used when Ken Star was appointed on Whitewater. Now I come, armed with only the humble resources of the truth, to suggest a different story.
      If swamp is at risk, the fix is in! The fixers are Robert Mueller and James Comey. What I am suggesting to you is Mueller and Comey are not in the center of this by accident. The goal of this attempted coup d’etat  of an elected president, by the Red Fascists of the left, for the first time in American History; will alter your life forever. Why? Because if President Trump is allowed to enact his agenda, the economy will soar. And that growth & wealth will end the democrat party. Before Trump, the swamp had a plan to end Israel and collapse the economy, which gives government more control over your life. Trump was not expected, and he is a mortal threat to the corruption of the Swamp establishment. 
     The agents for this coup are Comey & Mueller, who are those guys in government that you really don’t know much about. They were both directors of the FBI, members of the ‘revolving door’: government to private business club.   A member does the work in government for the private interests and is paid after leaving by those interests with high paying jobs a pay to play ploy.
     Mueller was legal representive for former Nazi Swiss Banks vs. Families of Holocaust victims. Then he was also Legal Representive for the German Companies who during WWII had forced labor Camps vs. the victims families. [Surprise: Mueller is of German decent.] Then there is the BCCI bank. Mueller was the deputy AG who dug into this money laundering bank for Drug & Arms dealers, Mobsters, rouge governments. and the CIA! And none of the main players in the bank or the CIA do any time? Swamp creatures all. Mueller also was involved in ENRON and World Com certified Swamp creatures all. 
     Look into the establishment; you hit Dallas on Nov. 23, 1963. JFK makes a speech about the evils of ‘secrete societies’ and he fires Allen Welsh Dulles, Richard Bissell, & Charles Cabell, all at the CIA.  Mueller is the grand nephew of Bissell, Muller’s wife is related to Cabell. Charles Cabell flew to Dallas on the 23nd and left with H.L. Hunt for parts unknown. Cabell’s brother  was Mayor of Dallas. Swamp Establishment Creatures everywhere, are you surprised?
     Comey and Mueller were involved in the HSBC Banking scandal. Comey, with no banking experience was on the board. Then Lockheed Martin, where Comey received some $6 million, joins the Clinton Initiative. Surprise Secretary of State Clinton approves 17 projects for Lockheed Martin. When questions arise about all of this possible pay to play, an independent legal firm [above reproach the media says] ‘DlA Piper’ clears the initiative and the Clinton Foundations of any wrong doing. Surprise: Comey’s brother is a senior director of DLA Piper! During this time Mueller is director of FBI and Comey’s net worth soars to $33 million +?
     Lighting round: Comey was on Senate Whitewater Committee as a counsel. Comey had overseen the Marc Rich prosecution [tax evasion, money laundering and illegal sales of Iraq oil]  Rich’s ex wife gives money to HRC Senate campaign, the DNC, and Clinton Library. Rich is pardoned on Bill Clinton’s last day as president. Comey was lead on the Sandy Berger Theft of documents [we are still clueless as to what they were], but the Berger list goes on and on so Berger pleads to a misdemeanor and pays a $50,000 fine? Fixer Comey delivers!
     Worst: they both have a role in the NSA violating the Constitution by bugging every citizen. While DNI. James Clapper lied to Congress on national TV, Comey and Mueller ran cover: no charges were brought for perjury! The NSA should be shut down; Comey and Mueller should be investigated and ejected from gov. The President should be supported by all of us, and the Republicans in Congress. Call them and demand that they support the President.

     The American Revolution was in grave danger. Washington was fighting the advance from the northeast. A small force under General Green was trying to hold the advancing forces from Charleston. When a man, Frances Marion, and his Volunteer Citizen Militia took action his fast attacks, the damage they caused, his battle tactics and his ability to disappear into the swamp shocked and demoralized the enemy. Washington was able to corner Cornwallis and the war was won. The enemy called Marion the SWAMP FOX...we all should be cheering the President on with “Drain Baby Drain”... Pray that God Saves the Republic! I call Donald John Trump a modern day Swamp Fox...