Monday, June 5, 2017

ICYMI: Arizona Democrats Hypocrisy and AZ Republicans Leading

I read in a KTAR article over the weekend that the Arizona Democratic Party will be "targeting a few specific issues" in Arizona, particularly "one's that are anti-education, anti-progressive values and/or anti-women,” and "has its eyes set on making changes" on these issues. 
I ask Arizona Democrats where they get the nerve. 
You want to talk about issues that are anti-progressive and anti-women?
·                Let's talk about how a Democrat State Representative threatened to punch a female, Republican State Senator in throat all because they disagreed on an issue.
·                Let's talk about how the Clean Elections Commission is investigating that same Democrat State Representative for misusing campaign funds (supplied by taxpayers, by the way)
·                Let's talk about how Mesa City Councilman Ryan Winkle was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk last month. It was his SECOND DUI and his blood alcohol level was a .22 -- almost THREE TIMES the legal limit. Where has the Arizona Democratic Party been on this? Silent.
·                Let's talk about how the Arizona Democratic Party took $40,000 from executives and their relatives. This is a website that turns a blind eye to CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, and they didn't give the money back. In fact, they spent it. Disgusting.
·                Let's talk about how Democrat Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema took more than $50,000 from executives and their relatives. Democrat Congressman Tom O'Halleran took thousands of dollars too. Neither donated the money until they were asked about it. Again, this is money that has direct ties to CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING. 
·                Let's talk about how Kathy Griffin willingly and thoughtfully participated in a photoshoot where she held a photoshopped decapitated head of the president of the United States. Where was the Arizona Democratic Party and its leaders on this? Absolutely silent. 
Meanwhile, you have Arizona Republicans actually DOING and LEADING. 
·                Let's talk about how Governor Doug Ducey managed to maintain a structurally-balanced budget while adding an additional $163 million for K-12 education that will include a permanent two percent raise for teachers. 
·                Let's talk about how Governor Doug Ducey fulfilled a state of the state promise and signed legislation that enables $1 billion in new investments to be directed toward research and development infrastructure at ASU, U of A and NAU.
·                Let's talk about how under the leadership of Governor Ducey, the Babies at Work program has grown and expanded to many state agencies, and it doesn't cost taxpayers a dime.
·                Let's talk about the legislation passed by the House and sponsored by Congresswoman Martha McSally that  criminalizes revenge porn in the military. This legislation was in response to a photo-sharing scandal where nude photos of females in the military were being shared online.
·                Let's talk about how Cindy McCain is leading the fight against human trafficking while Arizona Democrats are taking tens of thousands of dollars from executives and their relatives. 
This is hypocrisy at its finest, and I'm sick and tired of hearing the democrats talk about it. 
Have a great day!

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