Sunday, June 25, 2017

Diet Water For Americans?

Diet Water Really? Some People Will Literally "FALL" for ANYTHING!
From this issue comes the marketing magic. Here are a few different products that were created and marketed for the sole purpose of taking your money and giving nothing nutritional in return. Fitness Water: Created by Propel, this bottle of water claims to give you better hydration when working out.

Consider for a moment what regular old water is made from: two Hydrogen atoms (H), combined with one Oxygen atom (O) to create H2O. When was the last time you consumed calories from Hydrogen or Oxygen? NEVER is the only answer.


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Amyy Silva said...

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Smith said...

They were fed off our huge aluminum roof and when one barrel filled the overflow would pour into the next barrel till all were full. We drank this water regularly, but only after we had boiled it and then filtered it.

Amyy Silva said...

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