Thursday, June 15, 2017

AZGOP Chairman Lines On Senseless Shooting of Republicans In Virginia

The late, great Commissioner of Major League Baseball, A. Bartlett Giamatti once wrote, about the end of the baseball season: "It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart."

The baseball season is far from over. No, our Diamondbacks are contending for the pennant, and our evenings are filled with the sounds of the crack of the bat, and the pop of the ball hitting the glove.

And yet, today, our hearts are broken.

Yesterday morning, on a baseball field in Alexandria, VA, and armed assault was carried out against our Congress. Majority Whip Steve Scalise was critically injured. Law Enforcement officers were shot while providing cover and assistance to our elected officials. Congressional staffers and even the children of legislators found themselves in harm's way.

Baseball is our national pastime. But yesterday, a baseball practice played host to a national nightmare. And without the heroism of the Capitol Police, the tragedy could have been so much worse.

But out of this senseless violence, we see signs of hope. Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi each gave stirring, unifying speeches reminding the country that we remain one people. President Trump eloquently said that "we have many differences, but we do well, in times like these, to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because, above all, they love our country.'

One such man who serves in our nation's capital is our very own Senator Jeff Flake. Our Senator was at baseball practice yesterday morning. It has been reported that he sprung into action immediately, coming to the aid of the wounded and putting others before himself.

I spoke to Senator Flake last night and he was clearly still very much affected by what he witnessed yesterday. But I wanted him to know that we are all very proud of him.

I hope and pray that in the days and weeks to come, we remain mindful of the President's message, that both Democrats and Republicans who heed the call to public service do so out of an abiding love for our country.

And I know you join me in recognizing the bravery and selflessness of everyone involved yesterday. Today, Democrats and Republicans will take the field and compete in the annual Congressional Baseball Game, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. And all of us will pick ourselves up, lace up our cleats, and continue our fight for our country. It is an honor to serve with you.

Have a great day,

Chairman Lines