Friday, June 9, 2017

AZ Senator John McCain Made A Fool of Himself-Twice

One in questioning Former FBI Director Comey and second blaming his incoherent questions on staying up late watching a ball game.
If the senator is that fragile, he should hang it up and give a youmnger person the opportunity to represent Arizona.
He has been in DC for over 30 years which makes him a part of the swamp problem and not a solution. be
Arizona's angry old man, Senator John McCain, is not a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but he is an "ex officio" of the committee, so he was allowed to participate in today's testimony by former FBI Director James Comey. The local media tried to build up John McCain as "playing a key role" in … Read more of this post
U.S. Sen. John McCain's questions to former FBI Director James Comey during a Senate hearing on Thursday.

Transcript of the exchange from Slate.  John McCain’s Questions for James Comey Made No Sense
Here is how Foreign Policy describes McCain’s bizarre performance. What on Earth Was John McCain Asking James Comey?

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released the following statement today on his questions at today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with former FBI Director James Comey:

“I get the sense from Twitter that my line of questioning today went over people’s heads. Maybe going forward I shouldn’t stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games.