Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jared Kushner Should He Stay Senior Advisor To President or Should He Go Part 1

Meet the Real Jared Kushner
He was supposed to be the calm one, cool and unflappable under his Ray-Bans and beltless blue bespoke suits. If Steve Bannon was the Rumpelstiltskin of the administration, donning multiple half-tucked dress shirts at a time and always carrying a clutch of briefing papers and barreling through the administrative state, Jared Kushner, through pedigree and temperament, could reach out one of his long, elegant fingers and tap everyone in the West Wing on the shoulder and urge them to just cool out a bit. In a White House sullied by ties to Russia and all sorts of unsavory characters from the fringe, Kushner was set to float above, surrounding himself with fellow figures from the elite worlds of Manhattan finance and real estate and deep-sixing the harder-edged ideas of the White House’s “nationalist” wing.

Except that isn’t quite how it has gone in the White House over the past several months. It was Kushner who reportedly pushed for the firing of FBI Director James Comey over the objections of Bannon. And it was Kushner who was the lone voice urging for a counterattack after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the appointment of a special prosecutor, according to the New York Times. And it is now Kushner whose family’s business activities leave him open to the same level of conflict-of-interest charges that have dogged his wife and father-in-law, and Kushner who appears to be as closely tied to the Russian government as anyone serving in the White House: NBC News and the Washington Post reported Thursday that the FBI is taking a close look at his contacts with the Russians.
How does Trump solve a problem like Jared Kushner? Politico Magazine
Report: Jared Kushner Described as Litigious Slumlord by Former Tenants
Although White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is known for his family company’s high-end apartment complexes in New York, a report by The New York Times on Tuesday uncovered several lesser-known properties throughout Baltimore, where former tenants described Kushner as a neglectful slumlord preying on the lower middle class with frivolous lawsuits. Former tenants of properties owned by JK2 Westminster LLC—a subsidiary of Kushner Cos.—said they were hit with lawsuits for minor violations or baseless accusations years after moving out. One woman interviewed in the report, Kamiia Warren, a single mother of three, said she moved out of her apartment in 2010 after receiving written permission to break her lease. But she said she was slapped with a lawsuit three years later claiming she’d never given notice, a move that resulted in her wages being garnished and her bank account cleaned out—for $3,014.08. “It was just pure greed,” Warren was quoted as saying. “They know how to work this stuff. They know what to do, and here I am, I don’t know anything about the law.” JK2 Westminster was listed as the plaintiff in 548 similar cases in Maryland’s District Court system, with many of the cases filed over broken leases or minor disputes in which the tenant doesn’t seem to be at fault, according to the report. Current and former tenants at numerous units said JK Westminster’s property-management arm Westminster Management, was neglectful in its upkeep. Daily Beast