Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Remove Yourself From Truepeoplesearch.com

Bill on Facebook offered this and I went to the site and sure enough there was everything listed about me, some of it wrong. It also printed my phone numbers. Follow in instruction and remove yourself if you choose.
"Truepeoplesearch.com has ALL your info! Do a search of your name and see. They had everything on me including my phone number! If you go to the bottom of the page and click 'privacy'' or "contact us" it takes you to a page to accept the terms and click I am not a robot, then search your name again. When you scroll to the bottom click to remove your name from their site"


Christy said...

This is a little too personal. I don't need my information out there there is no need for it. No wonder I was a victim of identity theft this website made it so easy. I also do not want people to have a map to my home.

tkguess said...

Yes even though I have nothing to hide, there are so many ways that scammers can use this info. To rob you while you are out, call and get money or more info saying a person on your relatives list needs it but cant talk. you name it. It's not so bad if employers or companies can see this info but for any person out there that knows your first and last name and city can find on you, stalk you, create identity theft problems, rob your home or just break in to rape you or find your relatives. ITS NOT RIGHT. We should have the right to keep our infomation out of the general public's hands.

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