Tuesday, May 9, 2017

AZGOP: #WrongWayRuben

PHOENIX (May 9) -- Ineffective Phoenix Congressman Ruben Gallego consistently puts personal ambition and partisan politics over serving Arizonans, and now he's taking his show on the road to Tucson.

"Southern Arizonans will see right through Congressman Gallego's cynical partisan stunt," Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Matt Kenney said. "Why is he in Tucson advocating for legislation that has FAILED Arizonans, when he should be representing his own district in Phoenix?
"He's been a weak and ineffective voice for his constituents. While Arizona's 7th Congressional District faces an unemployment rate that is well above the national average, Representative Gallego has not sponsored one piece of legislation that has created jobs or opportunities for constituents in his district. In fact, since his election in 2014, he's sponsored exactly one bill that has become law: renaming a post office in Phoenix. It's an embarrassingly ineffective record.
"While he's in McSally's district, Ruben can learn a thing or two about effective representation. Martha McSally voted FOR the VA Accountability Act and has been a champion for southern Arizona's veterans, for the A-10, and for our security. She's widely seen as one of the most effective members of Congress from either party.
" I hope Martha McSally's constituents -- many of whom are active military or veterans -- remind him of his terrible voting record on veteran issues while he's grandstanding in Arizona's 2nd congressional district.   As a veteran myself, it's hard to believe a Congressman -- and fellow veteran -- has refused to meet with certain veteran groups to discuss VA reform, and was one of the only Arizona representatives to oppose the VA Accountability bill that Senator McCain and others championed last year.
"Get back to your district, Ruben. Southern Arizonans don't need a weak politician to tell them how to vote."