Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Arizona and Texas Have 2 of the 17 stunning swimming holes that every traveler needs to visit in their lifetime

Havasu Falls — Supai, Arizona, USA
People swimming in the Havasu Falls pools.ronnybas/Shutterstock
These stunning pools have been formed by the Havasu Falls, and are a popular spot for cliff jumping. The crystal blue waters can be found deep in the Grand Canyon, and can only be reached via a long, treacherous hike.
To visit, you'll need to make reservations through the Havasupai Reservation, though with growing popularity, they're becoming harder and harder to get.
Hamilton Pool Preserve — Dripping Springs, Texas, US
Hamilton Pool.Shutterstock/dibrova
Hamilton Pool is one of the most well-known swimming holes in America. It's only 23 miles from Austin, making it a perfect summer getaway for locals as well as visitors. Part of the pool lies under a cavernous roof from which small waterfalls sometimes create a picturesque curtain.