Friday, April 14, 2017

Teacher, Parent, Business Owner share concerns about voucher expansion VIDEO

Phoenix, Arizona-Since Republicans passed a sweeping school voucher expansion, teachers, parents and business owners have come to the Capitol to share their stories. The common theme – vouchers are going to create more problems for our kids' public schools at a time when resources are already too scare.

Please take a moment and watch these videos and share these stories. #ClassroomCrisis
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  1. We Need to Support Public Schools and STOP taking your tax dollars out of the district school budgets and giving it to “FAT CAT” Private owners for their Charter Schools ! We have Two Az State Legislators that own many of these schools and are reaping big profits. These are Republicans ! The Republican Legislature set this up years ago and this states top heavy with Charter Schools. They DO NOT require teacher certification so therefor they do not pay teacher wages and this gives them a BIG profit off your tax dollar !.. They should charge TUITION like all the other private schools do. Catholic Schools Charge Tuition and Fundraise, the graduate more than 95 % out of College. Gov. Ducey Sends his sons to Catholic Schools ! Go ask around who sits on the Board of Directors of these Charter Schools! Not one Democrat…they support Public Education… So do I… It’s an “American Treasure” Did You go to a Charter School? This is a national disgrace and especially in Arizona…Let them support their own and stop “Raping” the public school budget !

  2. Public schools stopped being an American treasure long ago thanks to greedy administrators. In the previous post, there is no reference to students, only teachers.


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