Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shut Down the Democrats: The Time For Excuses Is Over

Republican leaders will have an opportunity this week to cut liberal spending and advance conservative priorities. For years, these leaders said they needed control of the White House to win spending fights with the Democrats, and now they have it.
The time for excuses is over.
Congress will consider legislation this week to extend government funding beyond April 28th, and Republicans should use this bill to advance conservative reforms and protect American taxpayers.

Republicans should include the $1.4 billion President Trump requested for the border wall. This was a major campaign promise and it’s central to controlling our borders.
Republicans should also defund Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, refugee resettlement, the Iran nuclear deal, and Obamacare – all things they say they oppose but refused to defund while President Obama was in office.

Democrats have threatened to block government funding and cause a shutdown if they don’t get their way in this debate, but Republicans should not surrender the power of the purse.
Punting on these priorities will break promises made to taxpayers and embolden the Democrats to block them in the future. Now is the time for Republicans to draw a line in the sand.

Americans did not elect Republicans to the House, Senate, and White House so Democrats could continue to control government funding. If Democrats cause a shutdown to block these reforms, that’s a debate Republicans should welcome and do everything they can to win.
Now is not the time to surrender.
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