Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Poll shows Unpopularity of Border Tax


April 11, 2017

Americans for Affordable Products Releases New Polling on Congress’ Border Adjustment Tax
More Than Six in Ten Voters Oppose Ryan/Brady Proposal; More Than Half Unlikely to Vote for Member of Congress Supporting It 

Phoenix, AZ – Americans for Affordable Products (AAP) – a collection of more than 400 businesses and trade associations seeking to stop the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) – released new polling showing strong public opposition for a trillion-dollar tax increase on middle-income families costing them $1,700 more per year. 

The survey undertaken by The Tarrance Group among 800 likely voters from April 2-5 found a strong majority (63 percent) of voters oppose the Border Adjustment Tax, including nearly half (46 percent) who strongly oppose it. There is majority opposition to it among voters in states with competitive U.S. Senate races (66 percent) and among voters in states that were competitive in the 2016 Presidential election (62 percent), as well as among key voting blocs, including women (70 percent) and seniors (63 percent). 

Voters are more likely to oppose the Border Adjustment Tax when they learn about the potential economic impact it could have on them, particularly upon hearing costs for food, clothing, gasoline, medicine and prescription drugs would increase, including paying more in monthly car payments. 

Additionally, voters are more likely to oppose the Border Adjustment Tax when learning of the increases in unemployment generally and losses in retail jobs specifically. And a strong majority of voters are more likely to oppose the Border Adjustment Tax when they learn it could result in profitable, multi-national companies paying less in taxes. 

Finally, a majority (56 percent) of voters say they would be less likely to vote for their Member of Congress if they support the Border Adjustment Tax. 
“This is a wake-up call for congress to follow the lead of our two great Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake and oppose the BAT,” said Michelle Ahlmer of the Arizona Retailers Association.  “Americans want our broken tax code fixed, but they are deeply opposed to paying more for everyday necessities just so several large multinational corporations can operate tax free and boost their already deep profits.  As the rest of our delegation returns home for spring recess, they can expect to hear wide opposition to the Border Adjustment Tax from Arizona businesses and consumers.”

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) recently said the following on the BAT: “Cheaper inputs mean lower production costs for U.S.-based businesses, which in turn allows those companies to expand production and to reduce prices. What will happen if we placed a 20 percent tax on all imports?"  He went to say of tax reform, “We ought to make sure that the middle class isn’t in the losing column."
Americans for Affordable Products represents the largest employment sector in the country and speaks for nearly one in four jobs in our nation totaling over 42 million. 
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Americans for Affordable Products is a coalition of job creators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and consumers united against higher prices on everyday necessities. To learn more, please visit:www.KeepAmericaAffordable.com.

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