Monday, April 24, 2017

Arizonans: The Budget Is Coming Soon Here's How Be Heard

The budget is coming soon - here's how to make sure you make your voice heard
Phoenix Arizona-The budget process is moving rapidly, which means the Legislature may vote on the state budget at any time in the coming weeks. Your involvement in this process is vital to ensuring that your priorities for a better Arizona are being included. House Democrats want to guarantee that your voice is heard.  Here is how you can engage in the legislative process in person, from home, or through the web!
Sign Up on the Request to Speak (RTS) System
RTS is the system through which the public is able to sign in to speak on bills and record their support or opposition on bills. You are also able to track and comment on bills through the legislative process. To submit your form to create an account click here.
Find and contact your legislators:
If you know your legislators, click here
If you do not know your legislators:

Contact Governor Doug Ducey
To #AskDuceyWhy, click here.
Watch live or archived committee meetings and floor testimony on bills:

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