Monday, March 20, 2017

YES! You Should Have Pass A Drug Test to Receive a Welfare Check


  1. I agree. We should also only give government subsidies to American citizens. STOP paying CRIMINALS to come into the U.S. and get on welfare. We could be paying our own criminals. Oh, we are. We pay the politicians and bureaucRATs for oppressing us. What kind of "stupid" is that? Now, how did our founding father deal with the terrine of the king of England? Do we need to clean house?

    Back to your question: Yes!! have everybody that gets a government check be "on colors" (if ya don't know, that is for court ordered drug screening that is random) Not just welfare recipients but Law enforcement, the judiciary, School teachers, military. Anyone that gets a government check. When they come up dirty they loose their pay check. Simple as that. To start getting their check again they would have to come up clean for, say, several months. Think of the money that could be saved, and the dent it would put in the drug trade. People might stop smuggling drug across the boarder, because it would just not be with it. For the politicians and government people that get kick backs from the cartels, just shot them. When the other crooks see their buddies die they might stop.

  2. I agree it is counter-productive to allow welfarists to use their government checks to purchase drugs. However, testing won't work well. All the users need do is hold off 2 weeks, thus filtering out of their bodies evidence of drug reliance. Like a snap they are now embraced by the (illegal) welfare system as "clean." Ha, they'll cry; we can beat the system, get our (illegal) welfare checks, continue using, the bureaucrats are satisfied, and everyone is happy.


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