Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump's War Dangers To The Presidency: His Battle For America

“I have total faith in him. I think he’s instinctually a nationalist who loves America. I don’t think it was just a campaign shtick,” he said.
Trump, a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated “The Savage Nation,” has acknowledged the influence of Savage’s trademark of “borders, language, culture” on his odds-defying campaign, and now Savage is set to release Tuesday his prescription for a successful presidency, Trump’s War: His Battle for America.”
In an interview with WND, Savage recounted sitting down for an hour with Trump over dessert on Feb. 18, mostly reminiscing about growing up in the same New York City borough, Queens, though worlds apart from each other: Savage the son of a working-class immigrant and Trump the scion of a prominent real estate developer.
Savage said Trump, in person, was “exactly how he was on the campaign trail and as he is when he speaks.”
“He’s personable, warm, friendly and honest. We got along great,” Savage told WND. Read More