Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stop Obamacare 2.0 Vote NO on American Health Care Act

Last week, several members of the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) announced that they will support RyanCare in exchange for two minor changes to the bill.
Specifically, these Republicans traded their support for the bill provided that states are given the option of receiving Medicaid block grants and the option of creating Medicaid work requirements.
Not only are states unlikely to choose these options, the changes do nothing to fix the underlying problems with RyanCare.
The bill keeps Obamacare’s mandates that are driving up premiums, it continues Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, it continues subsidies through refundable tax credits, and it continues corporate bailouts for insurance companies.
RyanCare fails to repeal Obamacare and is Obamacare 2.0.
Under RyanCare, premiums will continue to rise and the government’s role in our health care decisions will continue to expand.
To read the Top Ten Conservative Concerns with RyanCare released by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, click here.
This decision by the Republican Study Committee illustrates why the House Freedom Caucus was created. The RSC can’t be counted on to fight for conservative principles.
Fortunately, the House Freedom Caucus is holding strong and demanding real changes to this bill so it truly repeals Obamacare.
House leaders plan to bring RyanCare up for a vote this Thursday and there will be no small amount of arm-twisting before the vote.
We need you to contact a targeted group of House Republicans this week and urge them to oppose RyanCare.
If we stop this bill now, we can force House leadership to pass a good bill that truly repeals Obamacare.
Please remind these members that they will forever regret voting for this bill when it fails to bring down rates and leads to even more government control of our health care decisions.
This is our chance as a country to get this right.
Thank you for standing strong for freedom and for pushing Republicans to keep their promises to repeal Obamacare.
Please urge these Republicans to oppose RyanCare. It fails to repeal Obamacare and will continue to cause premiums to rise. RyanCare is bad policy and bad politics.