Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Republicans Don't Take The Blame: Let Obamacare Die On It's Own

Leave Obamacare in place, let it fall on its own; if Republicans touch it they will take the blame for all its ills and ultimate failure. “If you like youre Obamacare you can keep it.” Write a separate bill allowing anyone who wants to leave them out, and authority to use the “free market” approach which works so well for everything else we buy.

The second half is to allow anyone who does not have a plan the ability to deduct from their taxes the cost of his or her plan just like the employer can do now. This keeps the free market involved and hopefully medical care within reach of working men and women whether they work for an employer who can afford to provide it or not. Obama care is swirling the drain now but if Republicans touch it, which we haven’t so far, it will be to our own detriment. Via Florida Unknown Polictical Strategist