Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rep.Justin Amash: American Health Care Act does not repeal/replace Obamacare; it repackages Obamacare

Justin Amash
The new Republican plan does not repeal/replace Obamacare; it repackages Obamacare. It's a political plan that signals retreat and will not reduce health care costs.
Obamacare is essentially a financing system to ensure that the insurance companies get paid to provide coverage to individuals who were previously deemed ineligible. The GOP proposal amends Obamacare and maintains its overall structure and general approach. It does not effectively address health care costs.
The states, independently or through multistate compacts, can more adequately tackle the particular health care needs of their residents. At a minimum, however, the starting point for congressional debate should be the Rand Paul/Mark Sanford legislation.
Ultimately, a sound and accessible health care system requires us to address the legal and institutional impediments that limit choice and competition, drive up the price of pharmaceuticals, and obscure costs through the third-party payer system. Because it will be substantially more affordable, such a system can provide a robust backstop for catastrophic situations and for the poor and vulnerable.