Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Interview With The New York Times Video American Freedom by Barbara

Fernanda contacted me and asked if I would do an interview in regard to President Trump's Executive Order on Refugees and Immigration.

Fernanda Santos:
I spent Sunday covering the protests against President Trump's executive order freezing the arrival of refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim countries into the U.S. On Tuesday, I talked to Barbara Espinosa, who is in favor of the orders and whose views represent those of many other Americans.
The New York Times was live.
Yesterday at 11:38am ·Thousands have protested President Donald J. Trump’s executive order that temporarily restricted entry for refugees around the world and nationals from 7 Muslim-majority nations. But many people support the president’s actions. We’re talking to Barbara Espinosa, a conservative blogger and radio talk show host in Arizona, about why she supports this order. Put your questions in the comments, and NYT reporter Fernanda Santos will ask some. 

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  1. This has been shared some 225 times .... I will add to that over the next two day s so it is not compressed... Great Job ...

    You always ride to the sound of the guns... !!

    Keep driving the brand ... and our cause ... love the way you made it real... when you simplify things it is just powerful ..
    Judy will be so pleased to see this ...
    You should sign up for the Skype WH press conference ... they would love you ...!!! They had 4 independent bloggers today !!! today ... All LIVE
    BTW the blue really works and the porch is so damn real... great ... !!!


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