Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Interview With The New York Times Video American Freedom by Barbara

Fernanda contacted me and asked if I would do an interview in regard to President Trump's Executive Order on Refugees and Immigration.

Fernanda Santos:
I spent Sunday covering the protests against President Trump's executive order freezing the arrival of refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim countries into the U.S. On Tuesday, I talked to Barbara Espinosa, who is in favor of the orders and whose views represent those of many other Americans.
The New York Times was live.
Yesterday at 11:38am ·Thousands have protested President Donald J. Trump’s executive order that temporarily restricted entry for refugees around the world and nationals from 7 Muslim-majority nations. But many people support the president’s actions. We’re talking to Barbara Espinosa, a conservative blogger and radio talk show host in Arizona, about why she supports this order. Put your questions in the comments, and NYT reporter Fernanda Santos will ask some.