Monday, February 20, 2017

MSM "Enemy of The America People" or Just Incompetent and Lazy

It take a lot of time and work to reseach information and maybe not only is the MSM and their staff not just incompetent but lazy and take the easy way out.
Remember the ole' saying if you throw enough crap at the wall some will stick. Could be that's their Modus Operandi.
The MSM may not be “The enemy of the America People” but they certainly are not
earning any brownie points with all if their biases and unverified information they sprew.

From early morning until late at night the TV pundits aren’t reporting the news they are opining and pontificating on what could or may be.

If they verified the information before they started spouting their opinions and shelve their bias we would have news that the people would believe.

They seem to depend on gossip, innuendos and downright false information.