Saturday, February 25, 2017

AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines' Response to DNC Chair Election

Arizona-Less than four months after suffering one of the most historic and devastating losses in U.S. history, today the Democratic National Committee elected a true symbol of the failed status quo and a reminder why the American people rebuked their failed policies and empty promises. AZ GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines released the following statement.

?Last November, Arizona voters sent a strong message to the establishment in Washington, DC that enough is enough. Today, national Democrats proved that they still do not understand what the people want. In electing career insider and Obama loyalist Tom Perez to the position of DNC chairman, Democrats have guaranteed themselves at least two more years of defeat. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is as strong and united as ever, and poised for another great election year in 2018. In Arizona, this means maintaining control of both legislative chambers, every Constitutional statewide office, and our U.S. Senate seat.?

Chairman Lines continued, ?I?d also like to extend my condolences to my counterpart at the Arizona Democrat Party, who endorsed losing candidate Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman. In endorsing Ellison, the Arizona Democrats tethered themselves to the extreme and hateful ideology of Congressman Ellison, who once rushed to the defense of noted radicals such as Louis Farrakahn and Kwame Toure. In casting their lot with such a divisive figure who has embraced the ugly rhetoric of division, Arizona Democrats chose division over progress. In November 2018, I look forward to watching the voters of Arizona once again dismiss the socialist policies of the Arizona Democrat Party.