Wednesday, February 1, 2017

4 Democrats 5 Republicans President's Who Have Banned Immigration

Jimmy Carter also banned Iranians.
President Jimmy Carter took action. ... In addition to the Iranian student situation, Carter ordered officials to “invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States.”In 1980, Carter announced that the U.S. was breaking diplomatic relations with Iran and ordered all Iranian diplomats and officials to leave the country by midnight the next day, according to an April 8, 1980 article in The Crimson. 
1. Exclusion of the Chinese
President Chester A. Arthur. (R)
Signed on May 6, 1882. 
The Chinese Exclusion Act, which banned "skilled and unskilled labourers and Chinese employed in mining" from entering the US for 10 years, was the first significant law restricting immigration to the country. It came at a time when the US was struggling with high unemployment and, although Chinese made up a very small segment of the country's workforce, they were nevertheless scapegoated for its social and economic woes. 
2. Jewish refugees during World War II
President Franklin D. Roosevelt. (D)
As millions of people became refugees during World War II, US President Franklin D Roosevelt argued that refugees posed a serious threat to the country's national security. Drawing on fears that Nazi spies could be hiding among them, the country limited the number of German Jews who could be admitted to 26,000 annually. And it is estimated that for most of the Hitler era, less than 25 percent of that quota was actually filled.
3. Anarchists banned
President Theodore Roosevelt. (R)
Signed on March 3, 1903.
In 1903, the Anarchist Exclusion Act banned anarchists and others deemed to be political extremists from entering the US.
In 1901, President William McKinley had been fatally shot by Leon Czolgosz, an American anarchist who was the son of Polish immigrants.