Thursday, January 26, 2017

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and LD23 Have Resolved Their Differences


Letter of Understanding
 As you may be aware the issue of credentialing our elected state committeemen from LD 23 is ongoing.  I have spent many hours with the AZ GOP with the goal in mind that all PCs must have an equal opportunity to be elected to the AZ GOP State Committee and that our LD 23 District  has full representation at the State Statutory Meeting.

Collectively, we realize that there were complaints that were made to the state party, including some that were made anonymously.  Ideally, the complaints would have been brought to LD 23 leadership and we would have worked to address the issues at the district level.
However, those who complained elevated the matter to the AZ GOP hampering LD 23's ability  to solve any issues internally.  Most concerns centered on the State Committeeman nomination process and the details surrounding the LD elections for State Committeemen.

It is clear, after reviewing this matter with the AZ GOP, there is more than one process to manage a fair and inclusive election. That being said, we will work in concert with AZ GOP to establish some guidelines to help assure that every PC in our districts, county and state have an understanding of their right to run to represent their district as a State Committeeman and the nomination process to be followed.
I also realize that there are as many election procedures as there are LDs and county committees, and that the rules and bylaws are different throughout.  I also understand that the state and county leadership should continue to work to build a uniform process, which might help to eliminate any confusion.
It is unfortunate that LD 23 became the lightning rod for these issues.

I am pleased to say that the work I have done with Robert Graham has resulted in the AZ GOP committing to seat all elected/MCRC Certified 119 State Committeemen from LD 23, to credential them, and to defend their voting rights at this Saturday's January 28, 2017 meeting. This has been a learning experience for all of us, and a helpful starting point to bring some resolution to the different ways people in our party expect elections to be conducted.

To that end, Robert Graham and I have agreed to do everything we can to increase our efforts to have an inclusive process and ensure each and every precinct committeeman is treated fairly and equally and is afforded an equal chance to be elected as a state committeeman.

Nancy Ordowski
Legislative District 23 Chairman
January 26, 2017
The pdf version attached below includes a copy of the original signed document.