Monday, December 12, 2016

Boeing's Sale of 80 Commercial Jets to Iran

This week Boeing finalized an agreement to sell 80 commercial aircraft to Iran Air - the state owned national carrier of Iran. Boeing’s actions to aid the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism through the sale of these jets are disappointing to say the least. This announcement reminds us just how dangerous President Obama's nuclear agreement is. The President wants us to sell planes not just to this dangerous regime, but to an airline that his own Treasury Department sanctioned in 2011. President Obama even wants U.S. banks to draw on American citizens' deposits to finance Iran, a regime that Treasury calls ‘a jurisdiction of primary money laundering concern.’ No wonder voters have chosen a new direction. The House has already spoken, passing separate measures that prohibit both aircraft sales to the ayatollahs and U.S. financing for them. If a U.S. financial institution attempts to bankroll Iran in the waning days of the Obama administration, it will have to answer to Congress. Yours respectfully, Jeb Hensarling Member of Congress