Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump's Historic Victory See The Stats

Nearly three weeks after the presidential election, the numbers showing President-elect Donald J. Trump's commanding victory are coming more fully into focus. He won 306 electoral votes, the most for a Republican since George H. W. Bush in 1988. He carried 9 of 13 battleground states. Millions of Americans rallied behind his message of rebuilding our country and disrupting the status quo. This was a truly national victory.

Here are some other stats on the scope of his win:
I.     A groundswell of popular support:

President-elect Donald J. Trump won over 2,600 counties nationwide, the most since President Reagan in 1984. Additionally, he won over 62 million votes in the popular vote, the highest all-time for a Republican nominee. Voters everywhere wanted Donald J. Trump as their president.

II.     Turning blue counties red:

President-elect Donald J. Trump won over 200 counties nationwide that Obama won in 2012. This was the most counties won by a Republican since 1984.
  • Pinellas County, FL:
    • President-elect Donald J. Trump won Pinellas County, while in 2012 President Obama won the county by nearly 25,000 votes.
  • Ashtabula County, OH:
    • President-elect Donald J. Trump won Ashtabula by 7,500 votes, a feat no Republican had achieved in decades.
  • Macomb County, MI:
    • President-elect Donald J. Trump won Macomb County by 12%, or over 48,300 raw votes, while in 2012 Obama won the county.
  • Racine County, WI:
    • President-elect Donald J. Trump won Racine County by 4,000 votes, while in 2012 Obama won the county by over 3,000.
  • Erie County, PA:
    • President-elect Donald J. Trump won Erie county by over 2,000 votes, while in 2012 President Obama won by nearly 20,000 votes.
III.     Converting key Democrat strongholds:

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s message resonated with voters in historically blue states.
  • First time winning Wisconsin since 1984.
  • First time winning Pennsylvania and Michigan since 1988.
  • Only second time winning Iowa since 1984.
IV.     Resonating message:

President-elect Donald J. Trump campaigned in places he knew Republicans have had difficulty winning—Flint, Michigan, charter schools in inner-city Cleveland, and Hispanic churches in Florida—because he wanted to bring his message of economic empowerment to all Americans. Millions of new Republicans trusted Mr. Trump with their vote because of his focus on delivering prosperity for all, and as a result there were healthy margins of victory in newly red areas.

It's clear the Trump win was one that brought Americans of all backgrounds together. With the election in the rear view mirror, President-elect Donald J. Trump is now concentrating his energy on being a president for all Americans and doing the hard work of making sure his administration is ready to deliver results for the nation on day one.
Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman