Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CENSORED BY AMAZON by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly
As many of you know my latest patriotic novel “The Rag” has been selling very well, particularly as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and nook on Barnes & Noble. Sales have in fact, been soaring in spite of or perhaps because of the hysterical attacks by the left. I had also recently posted my popular booklet “Our Constitution” as a Kindle edition, and it was also selling well. However, just tonight I was informed by Amazon that they cancelled all sales of “Our Constitution” and closed the website for the booklet.
           They did not inform me, but I learned that they had also cancelled the sales of all Kindle editions of “The Rag” my other patriotic novel, “Amayehli: A Story of America” and my nonfiction historical book about my father’s unit in WW II “The Mortarmen”. They claim the reason for this is because my name is the same as the mystery writer Michael Connelly.
          I have had books for sale on Amazon since 1999 and my photo and biography are clearly different from the mystery writer. Therefore, I suspect that the books have been censored by Amazon, because they are not “politically correct”. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is a champion of left wing causes and recently purchased the ultra-leftist Washington Post. He was also a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, and that makes the timing of Amazon’s censorship of me even more suspicious.
          This unprecedented move against me and books will potentially cost me thousands of dollars and deprive many Americans of the right to read my books.
I am asking for your support here. I have written a strong letter to Amazon threatening litigation, and would appreciate it if my friends would contact Amazon and demand they reinstate my books. The books are still available in paperback, but I don’t expect that to last for long.
          In the meantime, if you want to order a copy of “The Rag” or any other of my books don’t do it through Amazon, go to my website at Michael Connelly blog, click on the page of the book you want and follow the ordering instructions. Thank you for your support. If the liberals can get away with this we can be sure they will try to punish others who do not support their radical agenda.
Michael Connelly

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  1. I really like the works of the Michael Connelly who writes the excellent Harry Bosche detective novels and other works. I have never seen or heard anything from that Michael Connelly regarding his personal political views. From reading his books I assume that he leans conservative, but I was still somewhat disappointed when I came across "The Rag" and not just because of the politics. To me, "The Rag" is just a badly written fantasy. My military service was in the Navy on submarines so I certainly do not consider myself an authority on land warfare but I still know that nobody wins every battle as appears to be the case with the East Texas Militia. I am a registered Democrat who was involved in local politics for 3 decades and I am not and have never met a Democrat or any liberal who was anything like the caricature traitors in "The Rag". Another thing that I have been doing for decades is hanging an American flag from my house. I do not care how significant a particular flag might be, no flag can be flown outdoors for several years and taken into several battles without it falling apart. By the way, when I decide that a flag needs replacement I fold it into a triangle and take it over to the local VFW post so that it is retired with proper respect. Anyway, I am really glad to find out that the author of "The Rag" is not the accomplished writer who books I love. If the lesser Michael Connelly wants to see how to express his political views by writing a fantasy, he should check out "A Handmaid's Tale", which is still a fantasy but it's a well written fantasy.


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